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Roxanne is so dedicated to working with dogs. She really understands their personalities. She has a very set routine for them when they board and train. She sends messages and videos while your dog is there if you want them. My 5 month old lab puppy came home happy, healthy, listening better, calmer and following commands. She wrote out a very detailed plan of action for when he comes home and spent an hour with us when we picked him up going over his stay and different things to try at home. I am very happy with our experience. Thank you Roxanne!

Michelle G.
Darien, Ct

Roxanne did a phenomenal job of working with my family's new puppy. Since we also have a young daughter, it was critical that Pippa would learn basic training as well as overcome some developing issues with resource guarding.

Roxanne was compassionate, kind, responsive and encouraging through this whole process.

Pippa came home well trained and happy. I never had a moment's doubt that she was getting not just training, but also love and kindness.

I consider Roxanne a friend and a great resource. I highly recommend her!


New York City

Coming Soon

I just wanted to let everyone know how amazing Roxanne is. Our German Shepherd Puppy was biting and jumping as well as having other behavioral issues. My son who is 7 and daughter who is almost 3 were totally afraid of him and wanted nothing to do with him. I reached out to Roxanne and sent him to her for the 2 week boarding training and he came back a total different dog. Not only do they love him, play with him but he also respects them. She is the best trainer with tons of patience and persistence. She follows up with us all the time and truly cares not only about the animals but also us the owners. Roxanne we love you and can't thank you enough for all you have done with Kane and for us!!




Merrick, NY

Roxanne saved our family dog!!! I was at my wits end with our puppie. He was much more active than we expected and we weren't able to give him the discipline and routine he needed when he was younger. We ended up with a little terror dog and I was miserable. I didn't enjoy him at all. My husband was against "paying someone else to train our dog" but honestly, a busy, working family with kids was not going to give him what he needed. ROXANNE WAS AMAZING!! She is a dog whisperer! She took him from us and with calm, patient, strict yet nurturing style, she got him to the point where we all enjoy our dog. I cannot express enough gratitude. In addition to how great she is with dogs, she was so kind with us. She answered all my questions, texted back promptly, and re-assured us during the process that it was going to be okay. My only major regret is that she moved away!! I can't find anyone like her in my area now. I whole heartedly recommend Roxanne to anyone who needs help with their dog. One of the best things we have spent our money on!


Stacey F.

Northport, NY

Dear Roxanne, I could never find another trainer as wonderful as you...My Apollo has thrived so beautifully thanks to your gentleness, Perserverance and Dedication.....You showed me how important training is along with the love that you give to all us Dog Owners and our pups.. Thank you ever so much !! You are awesome !!


Florence Zias

Logan is a brand new pup! When we sent him for training , aggression was a big issue, along with general disobedience. But now, Logan is nothing but an angel!


Tom/Emily  P.

Centerport, NY

Roxanne was wonderful with our 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Cooper and Penny. They did the 2 week board and train program. Penny just turned 1 and we were struggling with house-training and a lot of energy. Cooper is almost 6 and stubborn, has anxiety and makes it impossible to get out the door without him barking and freaking out! Roxanne addressed all of these concerns, and others, and we couldn't be more happy! Penny hasn't had 1 accident since being home, she sleeps in her crate and Cooper on a bed in our kitchen and they don't make a sound until morning! Roxanne gave us tips to help minimize Cooper's anxiety as we leave and it has definitely helped. We cannot say enough about how great an experience we have had and we would recommend Roxanne to anyone seeking help! I have already decided I will be sending them back to Roxanne in the future for, as what I call it, a tune up! :)

Cooper & Penny

Alli T.

Sea Cliff, NY

I spoiled my little Morkie named Milou a lot for 2 years. I never trained him with dedication and reached a point when we had to improve his behavior in the house. Although he was friendly, he wasn't potty/pee pee trained and wasn't responding to basic commands.

After hearing amazing things about Roxanne (the chief trainer at mydoggiedoright), with heavy heart, I decided to get my son trained. I thought it was going to be like a bootcamp for him where he would suffer. To the contrary, it was the most pleasant and stress free experience for our dog and ourselves. The moment Roxanne arrived to pick him up, he started behaving well. We left him with her for two weeks and he returned as a gentleman and a scholar :)

Now, he doesn't pee or poop in the house. He does follow basic commands without being naughty. He enjoys his routine and he appears to have no anxiety when we leave him to go out. He also enjoys using his crate now as if it's his private den.

Roxanne is a modest and yet a highly talented dog trainer. Her personality is warm and kind. I respect her skills and strongly recommend her services.


Jay & Blanca T.

Roseville, California

Roxanne was wonderful! Brody is doing so much better now after his three week Board and Train! She gave me detailed instructions on how to keep him on a schedule and a bunch of great tips! He learned a lot with Roxanne as his trainer and he is a difficult dog to train. Affectionately known as the "energizer bunny"!! Thank you Roxanne. - Karen E.


Karen E.

Massapequa, NY

Roxanne has done an amazing job with our Lab puppy of 5 months.

He arrived as a puppy who wouldn't listen, would bite things, jump on people and wouldn't sleep through the night. We picked him up in two weeks with all of those concerns resolved. He is well behaved, crate trained, listens to commands, no longer jumps and bites things.


Roger M.

Huntington, NY

Roxanne at My Doggie Do Right was wonderful! I sent my 4 month old puppy to her with some aggression and nipping issues as well as a handful of other concerns I had. When I took my puppy home he was so well behaved and the issues I noticed were gone. He is just a regular puppy with puppy behaviors. I was very concerned about sending him to her for 2 weeks and spoke with Roxanne about it. She was very understanding and compassionate. She would send texts, pictures and videos and I always felt comforted. Once I picked up my puppy she still made herself available for questions I had, She truly is a top notch trainer.


Leanna V.

New Hyde Park, NY

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