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​​Serving Long Island, NY

Also: Serving out of state clients by virtual training

Do you have situations like these?

  • Does your dog bark a lot?

  • Does Spanky run out of the front door?

  • Is Fido having house training issues?

  • Is Coco chewing on everything?

  • Does your dog jump on people?

  • Does Prince come when you call him?

Doggie Do Rights K-9 & Kids Safety Programs
(eliminating dog bite situations)

(Click on this link)

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Grace & Frenchie.png

Do you want  a yummy smelling dog? 
We carry products to eliminate dog odor.

(Click on this link)

Doggie Do Right Dog Training is here for all of your needs.

We completely understand the situations which arise when you have a dog in your home.

Take a look through our Program page (please read each program in detail)

Not sure which program would be best for you & your dog? No worries, you can contact us by email or by using our contact page.    

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